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Reversing Cameras & Onboard Security

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  • Antenna for camera S.28801
  • Cable Harness for S.23051 system
  • Cable Harness for S.23053 system
  • Dallas Key for S.25786
  • Digital Wireless Reversing Camera

    S.143670 - Digital Wireless Reversing Camera

    Contains 1 x CMOS Camera, 1 x Removable sunvisor, 1 x Adjustable support Temperature range: -20°C to 70°C Camera viewing angle: 120° IP rating: IP69K Volts: 10\~32V Use with: S.143668, S.143669
  • Electric Immobiliser

    S.25786 - Electric Immobiliser

    Operators use dallas key-style fobs to disable the immobiliser and start the vehicle. Automatically immobilises ignition and starter motor 30 seconds after the ignition is turned Off. Supplied with two dallas keys. LED status indicator. Thatcham 2 approved. Should be installed by an accredited engineer to fulfil Thatcham approval.
  • Electronic Immobiliser

    S.153114 - Electronic Immobiliser

    Protects your vehicle against unauthorised use After its installation, the immobilizer is fully integrated and cannot be recognized by unauthorized persons The electronic key makes use of contact-free transponder technology The transponder (sender and receiver unit)has its own battery-free power supply and is permanently integrated into the mechanical key of the start switch Recovery of a stolen vehicle leads to economic loss and long downtimes. An immobilizer can make theft more difficult.
  • Fendt Camera Adaptor Cable, 1.2m
  • Mini Tracker

    S.25787 - Mini Tracker

    Used to locate a vehicle on GSM phone with GPS coordinates. (Flight Hardware). Alert the user by SMS when the vehicle leaves the stored position. Small and unnoticed in the eyes of thieves. Water resistant  limited Cost (Cost of SMS only)  Connects to mobile phone users. Battery powered long time of the vehicle battery. Many functions and settings available to suit the needs of users Insert Pay As You Go SIM and use internetmaps to monitor property Tracker will text you latitude and longitude Send alerts when your property leaves a preset area Overspeed alert Low battery and low GPS signal alerts
  • Reversing Alarm

    S.14284 - Reversing Alarm

    12 Volt E Approved: No Small & Compact Emits an audible warning "beep" when vehicle is put in reverse 115Db at 1M Requires vehicle to be fitted with reversing lights
  • Reversing Alarm

    S.113203 - Reversing Alarm

    Height 70 Width 101 Depth 40 Volts 12-80V IP rating IP65 Fixing Stud connections dB 107 Homologated SAE/ISO 9001
  • Reversing Alarm - White Noise
  • Reversing ALARM 12/24V (97 DB)
  • Reversing Alarm 24v

    S.14285 - Reversing Alarm 24v

    24 Volt E Approved: No Small & Compact Emits an audible warning "beep" when vehicle is put in reverse 115Db at 1M Requires vehicle to be fitted with reversing lights.
  • Reversing Alarm Night-Silent

    S.20988 - Reversing Alarm Night-Silent

    12 & 24 Volt E Approved: yes When double engaged in reverse gear the alarm cuts out to conform with the restricted hours of use (11.30pm - 7.00am in the UK). Tough, durable and waterproof. Expoxy sealed against mud, water and vibration. Can be steam-cleaned and pressure-hosed. 90dB at 1m.
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